CBD Dog Treats: Calming Chews 600mg

For dogs receiving two or more CBD treats daily, it is recommended that you administer one CBD dog chew in the morning and the remaining CBD dog treat or CBD dog treats in the evening.

  • 20mg broad spectrum CBD per chew
  • Hard chews with chamomile, passion flower, tryptophan & other natural ingredients
  • Soft chews with melatonin, chamomile, passion flower, tryptophan & more
  • Natural flavors
  • Vegan, non-GMO, & made with organic hemp
  • 30 chews per container
  • ND-THC**



Soft Chews, Hard Chews

Wellness-Boosting CBD Oil in a Dog Treat!

As we all know, dogs love dog biscuits. But our CBD Dog Treats are more than just pet treats. These treats are a natural health supplement, formulated to give your dog the calming wellness benefits of hemp-derived CBD oil.** Every CBDfx CBD dog biscuit is made with the finest organic, vegan ingredients.

Our Calming CBD Dog Treats are specially formulated to relax your dog, either to dial back their nerves during potentially stressful situations or to prepare your dog for sleep.** These tail-wagging treats are available in hard and soft chew options!

The Benefits of CBD for Dogs

Like humans and other animals, dogs have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system helps your dog’s body to maintain homeostasis, or balance. When your dog consumes CBD, the CBD interacts with the ECS and helps to bolster its performance.** This interaction results in a bevy of health and wellness benefits for your dog!**

CBD for Calming Your Dog

As we noted earlier, these particular CBD pet treats are formulated to help calm your dog.** Among the many wellness benefits of CBD for dogs is a calming effect, that can help to minimize stress for your dog, or help your dog get to sleep.** And unlike many other calming products for dogs, our CBD Dog Treats are all-natural and made with organic, vegan ingredients.

Other Natural Calming Ingredients for Dogs

CBD Dog Treats: Calming Hard Chews contain other soothing ingredients for dogs, beyond the hemp-derived CBD. These all-natural CBD treats also contain magnesium sulfate, thiamine (vitamin B1), inositol, chamomile, ginger, valerian root, ashwagandha, tryptophan, and passion flower.

CBD Dog Treats: Calming Soft Chews contain many of the same soothing ingredients for dogs. Top of the list is a safe, 1mg dose of relaxing melatonin. In addition, our Calming CBD Soft Chews also contain magnesium, theanine, chamomile, passion flower, lemon balm, valerian root, ashwagandha, and tryptophan.

With such unique and effective natural formulas, both our hard and soft formula chews make the perfect addition to any pet pantry!

Why Give CBD as a Dog Chew vs Other CBD Products

CBD Dog Treats aren’t the only type of CBD dog product. CBD oil tinctures for dogs are also quite popular. While oil tinctures for dogs have many plusses, CBD Dog Treats offer dogs a familiar and preferred form of treats or chews. (Have you ever heard of a dog turning down dog treats?)

CBD Dog Treats also give dog owners a comfort level of knowing exactly how much CBD is in every one of their dog treats. Since dogs vary in size and weight, it’s important to be able to keep an eye on your dog’s CBD dosage. Here’s a handy CBD dosage chart for our CBD Dog Treats.

CBD Treats Dosage Chart

Size of Dog CBD Dog Treats Dosage
Dogs up to 25 lb. ½ CBD treat daily*
Dogs 26–50 lb. 1 CBD treat daily*
Dogs 51–100 lb. 2 CBD treats daily*
Dogs over 100 lb. 3 CBD treats daily*

*Or, as recommended by your veterinarian.


Soft Chews, Hard Chews

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